Or at least...that's what I've been told by people who read it. Which is a good thing, because that's EXACTLY the reaction I was going for.

Andrew S. Townley

Advisor to security leaders who want to make a step-change in the effectiveness and relevance of their organizations.

Dear Security Professional,

One of the biggest challenges we face is a seemingly endless set of problems. And it's a set of problems we're often all too familiar with. According to the last few surveys I read at least, we're still struggling on a daily basis with:

Worries about finding and keeping cybersecurity staff...

Our ability to manage cyber attacks and breaches...

Constantly fighting to get the budget we need...

Battling to stay aligned with the organizations we protect...

At a loss as to how to report what we're doing to senior executieves and the Board...

...and many, many, many more.

And while we generally get to go to a few conferences a year, and occasionally we even get lucky enough to attend a presentation that isn't really just a value-free vendor pitch...the biggest challenge we have is trying to find actionable, practical solutions to the day-to-day problems we have so we can make the time to address some of those bigger-picture items from time to time.

Because it's not like we don't know we need to...

And in many cases, it's not even that we don't know WHAT to do. The emails, blogs, websites, books, magazines, LinkedIn and Twitter posts we've blasted with every day all do a really great job reminding us of WHAT we should be doing—which of course, we obviously aren't because we're just too lazy, stupid or just don't care enough about what we're doing to just "buckle down" and focus on the basics...the "health and hygiene" issues that we know MUST be addressed in some way, because that's what pushed somebody else into today's headline news.

And we sure don't want to be them!

But...while we know the WHAT, there's about a MILLION HOWs. And, frankly, with the workload our team has,

We just don't have time to figure out which one is really going to work for US!

...in OUR environment...

...with OUR technology...

...with OUR processes...

...and with OUR culture.

It's a bitch. If we had the time to figure it out, we could. And we don't have the time to figure it out because we have all these day-to-day issues that we know we could be doing better...

...if we only had the time.

What we need are some practical solutions that we know are going to work. That have clear parameters that give us the guidance we don't get anywhere else that says when things WON'T WORK for us—and WHY.

FINALLY: Practical Advice, Strategies and Tactics You Can Put To Use Right Away

So here it is. I've created a monthly, subscription-based newsletter with the sole purpose of being able to be read in one sitting, providing you advice you can use RIGHT NOW to help improve the effectiveness of your security program.

But it isn't cheap.

And it isn't a downloadable PDF.

It's an old-school, printed newsletter, written from me directly to you, and delivered to your door every month at no additional cost—wherever in the world you are.

If you aren't sure whether I know what I'm talking about...or whether it's right for you...or even if it's worth the $97/month pricetag...

You can by all means "try before you buy." A totally FREE sample of the kind of advice and depth you can expect is available when you sign up to my regular, daily email security leadership tips over at the main Archistry website.

And, frankly...if you haven't signed up for the daily emails...

...or you haven't actually opened the sample newsletter you get when you do...

...or ESPECIALLY if you haven't applied what I talk about in it to your own program,

Please Don't Waste Your Time Subscribing To The Newsletter.

No. Seriously.

It'll be a waste of your money—or whoever's money feeds the credit card you'll be using for the subscription. It just won't be worth it to you.

Oh, and one other thing...I don't give refunds. You're free to cancel your subscription at any time if you like or you feel you're not getting value out of it or I'm not delivering what it says on the tin.

But this newsletter is for people who are serious about making changes to the way they run their security programs. People who are life-long learners. People who want to grow in their careers. People who want to do everything they possibly can to enable their organizations to serve their customers and make money...

...as safely as possible.

Here's What You Get

When you subscribe, you can be assured that I'll be tackling the real problems you're facing. And you can be sure that I'm not going to just give you unproven theories you have to figure out how to implement yourselves.

I'm going to share with you lessons from the real world. Lessons learned over my 25 years of technology, business and security experience spanning roles from Software Quality Assurance, Software Developer, Software Architect, Solution Architect, Security Architect, Enterprise Architect, Enterprise Security Architect, Chief Technology Officer and Chief Executive.

These are lessons that I've learned through practice. And they're tips and techniques that I've vetted because I make the time to do the research and the thinking that you don't always have time to do.

I do it so that YOU BENEFIT!

And I package it up in bite-sized chunks every month and deliver it to the doorstep of your choice.

Some other perks:

I listen to your feedback and your questions. If enough people are asking me about a certain issue or problem, then I'll make sure it gets covered in a forthcoming newsletter.

And one of the other benefits of being a subscriber is...

You Get To Ask Me Anything About Anything I'm Qualified To Answer

...as often as you like.

Now, that doesn't mean that I'm up for idle chit-chat. I'm not. We're all busy. However...if there's something you really want to know...or if you're struggling to understand something I cover in one of the newsletters...

It's my commitment to do the ABSOLUTE BEST I CAN to make sure it gets answered and addressed.

Nobody, and I mean NOBODY gets that kind of access to me unless you're paying over $10,000 to participate in our high-end Effective Security Leadership Coaching Program.

So...if you're:

Ready to commit to action—for both yourself and your team...

And you've done your homework to download and IMPLEMENT the information from the free sample newsletter...

And you're looking for the kind of advice you're just not going to get anywhere else...outside spending THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS on attending a conference where I'm speaking or as part of one of our other programs...

Then click the big yellow button to subscribe to the monthly Security Sanity™ Newsletter below, and sit on the edge of your chair, eagerly awaiting its arrival in your mailbox in or around the first week of every month, depending on where you have it sent.

To your success and effectiveness:

Andrew S. Townley

What Security Professionals and Industry Innovators are saying about Andrew:

A True Thought Leader

“Andrew is a highly skilled and experienced architect and consultant. He is innovative in his thinking and a true Thought Leader in his specialist domains of knowledge—in particular the management of risk. Andrew has also been a significant contributor to expanding the SABSA body of knowledge.”

John Sherwood – SABSA® Creator and Chief Architect

Fabulous Consultant

“Andrew is a fabulous consultant and presenter that you simply enjoy listening to as he manages to develop highly sophisticated subjects in a very understandable way. His experience is actually surprising!”

Biljana Cerin, Director, Information Security and Compliance

Real Security Architecture

“With Andrew's help, I have learned more about real security architecture than SANS or other basic courses would ever provide. I could not recommend him more highly as a teacher/mentor in this space.”


Makes Things Work

“Fabulous person to work with. Very engaging and insightful. Extremely good technical knowledge with ability to relate concepts together and overcome differing opinions. Makes things work.”

Kevin Howe-Patterson – Chief Architect, Nortel - Wireless Data Services

Clarity, Depth and Breadth

“Andrew was able to bring clarity and great depth of knowledge to the table. His breadth of thinking and understanding of the business and technical issues along with a clear and effective communication style were of great benefit.”

Doug Reynolds – Product Manager, MobileAware